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‘The Phone for Humans’

As more and more people discover that their phones are making them crazy, I've seen the occasional Kickstarter campaign pop up dedicated to bringing back the 'dumb phone'. These simpler devices, which are less connected while still providing us with the core essentials we need, seem to have a newfound place in people's lives as they try to disconnect.

Though dumb phones may find some slight popularity, we are without a doubt living in the age of information and technology, and there's no going back. What I'm hoping for (instead of regression) is a device which will evolve into something that knows when to bother me, or when to give me some peace and quiet.

The 'Siempo', currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, is trying to do just that. Rather than limiting the amount of features the phone includes, the Siempo has well-designed concepts like a powerful and easily-accessible version of 'Do Not Disturb' called 'Physical Pause' where pushing a button on the phone will stop all but the most urgent messages from coming through.

The feature which I'm most interested in is the 'Intention field', a 'pass-through' type of app which lives on the home screen and is intended to be opened whenever you have a thought that needs to be acted on. You can write a person's name, click their contact information, then write a text out and send it without opening your messages. You can jot down a bit of writing and save it to your notes without opening the rest. This is a fantastic idea, and allows you to get something done without being inundated with requests, messages, or other actionable which might break your focus.

A more mindful phone is an idea worth pursuing, and I hope that this project sees the light of day.

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