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‘Spotify Expands Its AI Arsenal for Better Music Recommendations’

Engadget has a brief article on Spotify's purchase of Niland:

Spotify's editorial selection and music discovery process are hard to beat (ahem, Google Play Music) and it might get a little better with the company's latest acquisition. The music streaming service has just picked up Niland, a Paris-based machine learning startup that focuses on music search and recommendations. "The team from Niland will join our New York office and help Spotify continue innovating and improving our recommendation and personalization technologies resulting in more music discovery, which benefits both fans and artists," a press release says.

As someone who's moved from Apple Music to Spotify soley because of Discover Weekly, it's good to see the company doubling down on recommendations. It seems inevitable that every platform which provides its user with media of any sort will find themselves gravitating towards 'discovery' as time goes on. We're at a point (and have been at a point for a long time) that there's simply so much out there, we could find a new favorite song or film or show at any moment. 

The fact that my Apple Music recommendations were so terrible—and that similar recommendations on services like Netflix and Hulu suffer the same lack of clarity—is a problem, and one that will certainly be solved eventually. Until then, I'll be on whatever service helps me find new things I love the most.

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