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Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

My review of the Beats Solo3 headphones is up over at Tools & Toys.

I was happy to write this review because the headphones are very good, but I was gleeful to write this review as an opportunity to vent my frustrations with bluetooth headphones as a whole. As I say in oh-so-horrible-detail in the review:

Here was the typical situation pre-W1 chip: You awkwardly turn on your pair of headphones by holding down some button and waiting for a light to appear or a tinny voice to speak through the speaker (which is most likely not yet on your ears). You open your phone, navigate through its settings, find the screen for Bluetooth, wait for the device to load any devices in the area, select your headphones (often given some very strange name that isn’t immediately recognizable), and tap it to connect. At this point, you might get lucky and begin the pairing process.

Sometimes the headphones don’t turn on. Sometimes they don’t show up in your Bluetooth menu. Sometimes they refuse to pair. Sometimes they pair, but act as if they don’t. Or, they work perfectly, but are “forgotten” the next time you turn the headphones or device on.

This is not some isolated experience of mine. It’s shared by many I know, and is why I — as someone who seriously hates wires — have endured wired headphones for years as Bluetooth headphones have become more and more prevalent. The experience of untangling a headphone cord in my pocket is still ten times better than any wireless solution on the market.

It’s also why I’ve avoided the wireless offerings from Beats until the arrival of the Solo3. Here’s how you pair them: You push the small power button and watch a green LED light up on the bottom of the headphones. You look at your phone and a screen immediately appears asking if you would like to pair the device. You say yes. You are done forever.

What a joy.

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