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‘Apple’s New Campus: an Exclusive Look Inside the Mothership’

You will certainly see this Wired profile of Apple's campus linked all over the web today, and I suggest you read it. Not only is it the first real look at the campus I've seen, but it's also full of some beautiful human details.

My favorite is a reflection from Norman Foster, one of the chief architects on the project:

Apple Park may be an architectural tour de force, but Foster has grasped its essential truth: At heart it is the realization of a dying man’s wish to eternally shape the workplace of the company he founded. Yes, Apple insists that by working in a place where artificial hills are dotted with pines transplanted from Christmas tree farms in the Mojave Desert, its employees will make better products. But didn’t Apple create its marvelous Apple II in a bedroom and its ground­breaking Macintosh in a low-slung office park building? The employees who work at the new campus are leaving behind the buildings that provided sufficient inspiration to invent the iPhone.

It’s probably more accurate to say that Apple Park is the architectural avatar of the man who envisioned it, the same man who pushed employees to produce those signature products. In the absence of his rigor and clarity, he left behind a headquarters that embodies both his autobiography and his values. The phrase that keeps coming up in talks with key Apple figures is “Steve’s gift.” Behind that concept is the idea that in the last months of his life, Jobs expended significant energy to create a workplace that would benefit Apple’s workers for perhaps the next century. “This was a hundred-year decision,” Cook says. “And Steve spent the last couple of years of his life pouring himself in here at times when he clearly felt very poorly.

Indeed, it could be said that one of the reasons that Apple's products have been so successful over the years is because they have all felt like "Steve's gifts" to the world. The iPhone and the iPad and the various models of Macs have all felt like a single person's expression of computing, given to the world not as presents, not products.

The fact that the company is still working hard on these creations should put worried Apple fans at ease. This is an organization dedicated to tireless work in the name of ideals, with or without Steve Jobs at the helm.

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