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100 Million Books

I have a new homepage, and it’s 100 Million Books.

This simple project shows you a new book, and a quote from the book, each time you open up a new tab. The project prides itself in having no 'algorithms' and no barriers in terms of genre of perspective.

Here's why they've created it, in their words:

It might help open minds by promoting a diverse array of ideas. It might help people realize the sheer breadth of smart ideas, emotional stories, and insightful perspectives out there they don’t know. It might help them acknowledge that there are millions more they won’t ever know. These people may end up getting inspired by an idea that no friend (or robot) would ever tell them about. Perhaps at some point in this process, humanity may find some more humility.

This is a good project, and I've already added half a dozen books to my reading list because of it.

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